Cupid Ring
Prue´s cupid ring - pink flash emitted from the stone
Artifact Information
Usage: Cupids use them to help their charges. The rings grants additional powers
Alignment: Good Magic

Cupid Rings are magical rings given to Cupids to help them with their mission. Cupids are agents of Good whose mission is to bring people together to have a chance on love. Charges are assigned to them just like whitelighters. They help their charges find love and will intervene when necessary to redirect a mortal or magical being's love away from a demon to keep them safe. Charges can also call for them.


It is known that there are many Cupid agents working all over the world, all of which have rings that help them access their powers. The rings were stolen quite a few times in the past, something that required outside magical assistance to intervene.

In Destined, Phoebe and Coop´s daughters are half-cupids. All three of them own a ring, however, they are able to use some powers from the ring even if they are not wearing their rings. Each one of them has a ring with a different shape.

Powers and Abilities

The rings have their own powers:


Notes & Trivia

  • A Cupid Ring has been stolen twice. Once by Drazi to spread hate, and once by Dumain to go back in time. It hasn't been stolen since Dumain.