Eva Rise


Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Eva Rise
Born: 1999
2027 (whitelighter)
Gender: Female
Species: Whitelighter
Marital: Dating Jackson White
Occupation: Full-time Whitelighter
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Best Friends:
Magic and Powers
Active Powers:
Other Powers:
  • Good
Portrayed by: Adrianne Palicki
Seasons: 1
First seen: 1x03 Both Side of the Amulet

Eva Rise was created by Sol for Destined, a Spin Off of the tv hit series Charmed.

Eva is a whitelighter helped by the Destined Ones.


Eva Rise was born in Vancouver in 1999. Not much is known about her life before becoming a whitelighter only that she was a cheerleader at High School and used to work at her School newspaper. She wrote mainly about sports. She wanted to join the football team, but once it was only boys at the time she wasn´t able to and that´s the reason why she became a cheerleader.

Eva died in 2027. She was leaving home for work when she saw a child crossing the street alone. A car came out of nowhere and hit her. She was able to save the child but not herself.

In Destined

Eva and her partner Jackson, met the Destined Ones when they helped the two whitelighters to protect Shui (Jackson and Eva´s charge).

Eva didn´t want the Destined Ones to risk their safety because of her and Jackson. She thought that it wasn´t their responsibility to take over it because Jackson and she were not able to keep their charge safe.

By the end of the episode, Eva advices Wyatt not to give up on what he wants and to fight for the person he loves. Wyatt follows her advice.


Sweet, caring, open-minded, loving, friendly.

Professional Life

Eva and jackson

Eva and Jackson in Both Side of the Amulet.

Eva is a full-time whitelighter.

Name´s Meaning

Eva is of Hebrew origin and means "Life, Animal."

Rise is of Latin origin and means "Laughter."


Active Powers

Other Powers

Notes & Trivia


  • So far, Eva appeared in a total of 1 episode.

Season 1