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Melinda Halliwell

Destined One / Charmed One

Melinda Official Destined
Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Prudence Melinda "Mel" Halliwell
Born: April 7th, 2007
Gender: Female
Species: Witch (with Whitelighter genes)
Marital: Dating Liam Thomas
Having an affair with Damon Morgan
Occupation: Assistant Manager at Halliwell´s
Height: 5' 10" (1,78 m)
Hair color: Brown (originally)
Blonde (currently/dyed)
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Status: Alive
Deceased (2061)
  • Damon Morgan (half-manticore; ex-boyfriend; current affair)
  • Peter Ross (mortal; ex-boyfriend)
  • Best Friends:
    Magic and Powers
    Basic Powers:
    Active Powers:
    Inactive Powers:
    • Clowns (overcame)
    • Good
    Portrayed by: Blake Lively (adult)
    Emma Fuhrmann (teen)
    Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
    First seen: 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again
    Last seen: N/A

    Prudence Melinda Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Destined belong to Sol.
    "Yes, I am. I also am the comprehensive one. The shoulder person. And the only thing I asked for was honesty. I think I have the right to get that from those who are my family."
    —Melinda herself in Darkness is Here

    Melinda Halliwell is one of the main characters of Destined. She is the third and last born child to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt and youngest sister to Wyatt and Chris Halliwell. Out of the Charmed Ones´ Children, Melinda is the fourth oldest. She is the only witch of the family, once her father was a mortal when she was conceived. She was named Prudence Melinda Halliwell in honor to her late aunt Prue Halliwell and Melinda Warren. She prefers to be called by her second name, Melinda, once she says she´s Prudence but not Prue.

    Since the day she was born, Melinda was also destined to become a Charmed One and a Destined One. She was born with the power of Molecular Immobilization. She and her family live in 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco. Melinda is best friends with Prue and Tamora. She is dating Damon Morgan. She´s been in love with him since younger. Melinda works with his mother at Halliwell´s. She deals with the managing thing.

    In Season 1, Melinda and her family had to deal with new and old demons showing up. At first, she thought that she was an ordinary witch. But during the season, she started discovering that she doesn't need hybrid powers to be a powerful witch as her brothers and cousins. After the family friend Damon, returned to San Francisco, Melinda tried everything to make him like her, and she succeeded. Both started dating in secret, but their relationship was found out by Wyatt who had a bad reaction to it. Luckily, Wyatt could understand and accepted their relationship.

    Melinda is described as a sweet and kind girl. Sometimes, she can be sarcastic and humorous. Melinda took some traits from her mother and father. Friendly and energetic. Caring and fun. She doesn't get mad easily and tries to see the good side of the situations. Responsible but not bossy. Despite not being crazy about demons´ hunting, she likes the fight. She has a small inferiority complex towards her cousin Prue.

    As of The Witches Game, Melinda is a Shadow Witch, along with the other Charmed Ones. But, in The Heart Brings You Back, they changed back to normal and are no longer Shadow Witches.

    Melinda is a member of the Halliwell and Warren Family.


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    Melinda and piper

    Melinda going to school

    Melinda was born on April 7th, 2007 in San Francisco, California to Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, a witch, and a fallen-Whitelighter, respectively. Since her birth, Melinda was destined to become a Charmed One and Destined One.

    Shortly after her birth, The Elders arrived and brought her a number of presents to celebrate her birth. One of the "gifts" they brought was the news that Melinda had dormant Whitelighter genes, due to Leo's Whitelighter genes becoming engraved in his DNA. Piper feared that her daughter wouldn't have a normal life, and Piper had the added stress of her sons orbing and Prue beaming at a young age. She asked the Elders to cast a spell that would bind Melinda's whitelighter genes so that she would never experience being a Whitelighter-Witch. As Melinda grew and expressed her desire to be like her cousins and siblings, Piper and Leo felt bad about binding her powers but were too afraid of her hating them to tell her the truth. They kept the truth a secret from her and never told anyone the truth about Melinda's genetics.

    Melinda, like her siblings and cousins, had a normal childhood in the aspect that she grew up without demons around. However, being the only one without a teleporting power made her family protect her more than others. When she became a teenager, she became tired of being considered weak and told her family that not being able to orb or beam doesn't make her any weaker than them and that she can handle herself.

    She went through school alongside her cousins Prue, Tamora, and Pandora. The four girls were nicknamed the Halliwell coven by the other kids at school. But their peers were far from imagining what the girls truly were.

    Melinda in her teen years

    Melinda in her teen years

    In high school, Melinda decided to dye her hair from brown to blonde. This decision upset Piper, but Melinda dyed it anyway. Later, when her cousins Prue and Tamora decided to become cheerleaders, Melinda decided to become one too. However, unlike her cousins, she didn't join because she liked it but because it was an opportunity to meet boys. Because of this, along with her mischevious personality, she wasn't considered the classic cheerleader.

    Since Melinda was a teenager, she was madly in love with Damon, but never told him about it. One day, she discovered that Damon and Prue were dating and was infuriated at Prue for it. This lead Prue to realize that Melinda was in love with Damon, and she admitted that they were only dating to anger Wyatt. Despite this, Melinda thought that Damon was in love with Prue as he was always saying that he wanted to marry her. However, Damon only did that because he wanted to anger Wyatt, as he suspected that Wyatt was in love with Prue.

    In college, Melinda chose to major in accounting because she wanted to help her mother in the restaurant. However, what she really loves to do is cook just like her mother. Other than not pursuing her dreams and enjoying accounting, she did enjoy her time in college. Once she graduated from college, she was officially hired as the Assistant Manager of Halliwell´s.

    Throughout Destined Series


    Melinda is much like her mother in her personality. She is caring, sweet, kind, and almost always a good time, able to have fun anywhere she goes. She is also energetic, friendly to everyone around her, the heart of her family, and has a streak of humor to her. Melinda can be sarcastic and honest to a fault despite her sincerity. Melinda has a sweet personality and doesn't anger easily, mainly due to her responsible and reasonable side. She has openly expressed her discontent for radical sports but this doesn't stop her from trying her. She has an optimistic view on most things, and always tries to see the positive side of a situation.

    Melinda is not crazy about fighting demons but enjoys being on the field. Sometimes, she has an inferiority complex towards her cousin, Prue, which stems from their childhood. Prue was always getting new powers and was able to vanquish powerful demons, while Melinda had fewer powers and wasn't able to vanquish as many demons. Over the years, Melinda learned to accept that she and Prue are two very different people and that she's powerful in her own way. However, as the series progresses, Melinda develops an inferiority complex towards her family, seeing herself as weaker and less important than the other Destined Ones.

    After becoming a Shadow Witch and dealing with the loss of her brother, Melinda develops a darker edge to her. Her optimistic view starts to shake, and she doesn't always see the brighter side of things.

    When it comes to dating, Melinda is not the dating type but likes to be in love. She will only be tied to someone when she finds Mr. Right.

    Love Life



    • Peter Ross: Melinda went out with Peter for an unspecified amount of time, however, the pair realized they were better as friends, and mutually ended their romantic relationship. However, they have remained friends since, and Peter even advised her on what to do about her feelings for Damon Morgan, telling her to reveal these feelings to Damon and see how he feels about it.

    Professional Life

    After graduating from UCBerkeley with a degree in Accounting, Melinda started working with her mother at Halliwell´s.

    Physical Appearance


    Melinda wears simple makeup.

    Melinda is naturally brunette but when she was fifteen she changed her hair color to blond and remains blonde since then. She has long hair.

    Melinda has a very casual/casual chic and simple clothing style on a day-to-day basis, but to attend parties or events she prefers to wear more revealing clothes as tops and short skirts and dresses. Once in a while, she wears sexy clothes.

    Her makeup is simple, matching, almost all the time, her skin color and her blue eyes. For parties or events, she uses a little bit more makeup and red lipsticks.

    Name´s Meaning

    Melinda name

    Melinda was named after her Aunt Prudence and her ancestor, Melinda Warren.

    Prudence is of Latin origin and means Caution and Discretion. A very common name in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries.

    Melinda is of Latin origin and means Sweet.

    Halliwell is of Old English origin that means Lives by the holy spring.


    "Melinda: Yeah, but I'm not full of powers.
    Prue: You don't need them to be a great witch.
    Prue and Melinda talking about Melinda's powers

    Basic Powers

    One of the four basic powers is the ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
    One of the four basic powers is the ability to brew potions containing magical properties.
    One of the four basic powers is the ability to locate a person or object by using a crystal, a map and a something it requires the use of other tools.
    One of the four basic powers is the ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead.

    Active Powers

    The freezing power is the ability to slow down molecules to the point where they move so slowly that the object or person seems completely frozen. Melinda has full control of this power and it´s stronger than her brother´s freezing power because the object or person stays frozen for longer.
    The ability to project one's self outside the body in an astral form.
    The ability to teleport oneself through the use of orbs. Melinda only has this power when she is in her astral form, and can't access it outside of her astral-self. This is due to her Whitelighter genetics being bound by the Elders when she was a child.

    Charmed One and Destined One Status

    Other Powers

    The ability to survive and lethal attacks and be resistant to injuries.


    • Clowns: Melinda is terrified of clowns. As a child, she was never amused by clowns and wanted nothing to do with them. When Barbas forced her to confront this fear, Melinda - with the help of Prue, managed to laugh at the clown and overcome her fear.


    Season 1

    Season 2

    Season 3

    Season 4

    Notes and Trivia

    • Melinda was named after her aunt, Prudence Halliwell, and her ancestor, Melinda Warren;
    • Out of all of the original Charmed Ones' daughters, Melinda is the second oldest. She was supposed to be born before Prue, but her cousin was born two months early;
    • Melinda currently has blonde hair, but she was born with dark hair. This shows a resemblance to her aunt Prudence, who also had dark hair but turned into a blonde sometime in the alternate future in the Season 2 episode Morality Bites of Charmed;
    • Melinda uses her Molecular Immobilization power in a very similar way to her mother;
    • Melinda is an Aries;
    • Melinda always had a crush on her brother´s best friend, Damon. She always thought he actually was in love with her eldest cousin, Prue because he was always saying that he would marry Prue some day. This was actually a shared joke between Prue and Damon. Damon used to joke about it because he was suspicious that Wyatt loved Prue;
    • Prue was the one that convinced Melinda to tell to Damon how she really feels about him;
    • Melinda got to know that even when Damon looked at her as his friend´s sister when he came back to San Francisco, that changed;
    • Melinda, as well as Prue and Tamora, inherited the Power of Three from her mother and aunts;
    • Melinda is the only Witch born from her mother and aunts. She felt inferior about not having a transportation power, but this changed when powers with her aunt Prudence. She admitted that she´s actually glad she doesn't have the Orbing power because it makes her feel dizzy;
      • She would later gain the power to Orb while she is in her astral form;
    • Melinda borrows her cousin Prue´s ring to teleport herself;
    • She is not afraid to hunt demons alone. When an extra power isn't necessary, she does it but herself;
    • Melinda is terrified of clowns - they never made her laugh and she didn't think they were silly;
      • Melinda is among the first two people to overcome her fear of clowns in 3x13;
    • Prue and Melinda´s personality traits are based on the creator´s personality;
    • Many people call her "Mel" as a nickname. Damon sometimes calls her "Honey". The word "Honey" translated to Portuguese is "Mel". This was done on purpose by the author, as she's Portuguese.