Pandora Mitchell

Destined One

Pandora Oficial Destined
Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Pandora Katherine Mitchell
Born: May 7th, 2007
Gender: Female
Species: Whitelighter-Witch
Marital: Single
Occupation: Social Care Student (graduated)
Social Care Assistant
Height: 5' 9" (1,75 m)
Hair color: Natural Auburn - Changed to Brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Status: Alive
Romances: Drew Landon (mortal, ex-fling)
Ethan James (crush)
Best Friends: Tamora
Ethan James
Magic and Powers
Basic Powers:
Active Powers:

Telekinetic Orbing

Inactive Powers:
  • Spiders
  • Good
Portrayed by: Mischa Barton
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
First seen: 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again
Last seen: N/A

Pandora Katherine Mitchell was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Destined belong to Sol.

Pandora is the middle child of Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell and the youngest twin. Pandora is ten-minutes youngest than her twin sister. She´s more connected to her Whitelighter side and she´s also the trouble maker of the twins.


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Early Years

Pandora is the youngest daughter of Paige and Henry, and the younger twin to Tamora Mitchell. Pandora's powers were bound when she was still a baby, as well as her sister´s, as neither one could control them enough. She got them back in high school and she was able to learn how to control them over time.

Pandora is different from Tamora and they fight a lot but always end up making peace in the end. She and her sister grew up very close to there cousins, Melinda and Prue. Pandora is shy and a little withdrawn.

Despite being close to Prue, Melinda and Tamora, she likes to talk with Charlotte because she feels like they have similar ways of thinking.

Pandora was always the trouble maker. Almost all of the situations involving a wrong use of magic was her fault. She often takes her sister with her on her rendezvous.

Pandora is a senior at college, however, at the same time, she´s working as a social worker in the same place her mother used to work years ago.

Both Pandora and Tamora share some characteristics with their mother when she younger. Paige is more responsible now and is always asking her daughters to get out of troubles.

The Power of Nine

Pandora 1st time underworld

Pandora´s first time in the Underworld

Prue, as well as her cousins, have known for their entire life that being the child of a Charmed One means a lot in the Magical Community. On Piper´s birthday in 2030, the whole family was attacked by a Sender demon who killed Phoebe. Prue knew that the only way to prevent her mother from being killed was changing the past. So Prue and her cousins Wyatt and Chris went back in time to stop the events from happening. Wyatt, Chris and Prue came back from the time travel with Piper, Phoebe and Paige and together, they managed to stop the demon from killing Phoebe. They found out that the demon Ayacha was behind the whole thing and all nine Charmed progeny went to the Underworld and put an end in Ayacha´s life using the Power of Nine spell. Before dying, Ayacha reveals that the Charmed Ones´ progeny was known as the Destined Ones. They also found out that evil was gaining strength and they needed to be prepared for that.

Relationship with Tamora

Mischa 2

Pandora making peace with her sister in episode 1x04

Pandora and her twin sister were always best friends, but that didn´t mean they didn't fight. Tamora was the responsible twin while Pandora was the trouble maker of the twins and didn't think twice when it comes to the use of magic. Since they were kids, Tamora was often pushed into Pandora´s mess. In 2030, Pandora cast a spell while trying to help her boss and ended up getting stuck to Tamora. Prue and Melinda and also their mother Paige tried to get them back to normal, but the only solution was for them to stop fighting which they did.


Pandora is impulsive, protective, energetic, humorous, withdrawn, and calm. Pandora, unlike her sister, is more connected to her Whitelighter side. Since she is in tuned with her Whitelighter side, Pandora has an inherent need and ability to help others, which led her to want to become a social worker. Pandora is unreasonable when she's angry or when someone doesn't agree with her.

Pandora is responsible, but when it comes to magic, she is rather immature. She is a trouble maker and that gets her into some bad situations. Pandora is also very intelligent, not a spell-writer, but not afraid to try. She can remain calm depending on the situation. She is not afraid to stick up for what she thought was right.

When it comes to love, Pandora is not the dating type. She loves to be with someone, but she is not dependent on others.

Love Life

In relationships, Pandora doesn't have a long list of dates. She dreams in finding Mr. Right.

  • Drew Landon: Pandora and Drew had a brief romantic relationship, that was primarily physical. They broke up after only dating for a short while. Drew died in the year 2033 after trying to save a group of innocents stuck in a fire, and this saddened Pandora to learn of her friend and exes death. She also attended his funeral with her sister, Tamora.

Professional Life

Pandora working on one of her social cases

Pandora working on a social case

She is a graduate of UCBerkeley where she studied and presumably majored in Social Care. She also has a part-time job at South Bay Social Services, where she is an assistant. She currently works at the same place her mother worked at when she first found out she was a Charmed One. Pandora tried to use magical help to solve a few hard cases, however, this has backfired a few times. She sometimes goes to her mother for help instead.



Pandora wears simple makeup.

Pandora and her sister were both born with auburn hair color, however, their hair color darkened to dark auburn over the years. Sometime before 2030, Pandora changed her hair color to brown. She has long hair and blue eyes (possibly from her father´s parents).

Pandora wears casual clothes on a professional basis. To go out at night she prefers more revealing clothes. Sometimes she even wears her sister´s clothes.

Pandora wears simple makeup but a little more makeup when going out.

Name´s Meaning

Pandora name
Pandora´s name was taken from an ancestor like the rest of the family. Her first name Pandora also comes from the infamous "Pandora´s Box".

Pandora is of Greek origin and means Gifts.

Katherine is of Greek origin and means Pure.

Mitchell is a common form of the given name Michael (Hebrew) which means Big or One who is like God.


Basic Powers

One of the four basic powers, is the ability to cast spells and perform rituals. 
One of the four basic powers, is the ability to brew potions containing magical properties.
One of the four basic powers, is the ability to locate a person or object by using a crystal, a map and a something it requires the use of other tools.
One of the four basic powers, is the ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead.

Active Powers

A variation of the power of Telekinesis. It is a combination of Telekinesis and Orbing, where the object or person is move through use of orbs.
The ability to orb something or someone to another location without orbing oneself.
The ability to slow down the molecules of an individual or object, making it appear as if time slows down, putting the target into slow motion. This power is related to the power of Molecular Immobilization and can either be seen as a weaker or more controlled version of this power. Pandora had this power bound when she was a baby. She got it back in high school when Paige thought it was time for her to learn how to control it. She hasn't shown this power yet, maybe because she´s not much into fighting things once she more connected with her Whitelighter side.
The ability to make yourself unable to be seen, or transparent.

Whitelighter Powers

As a hybrid Whitelighter, it is likely that Pandora would possess Whitelighter´s powers. It is also unknown if because of the fact she´s a twin will affect the way Whitelighter´s powers work for her. Yet, she hasn't received any Whitelighter task therefore, she hasn't shown any of the following powers:

The teleporting power used by Whitelighters, Elders and Whitelighter-Witches. It´s the ability to teleport oneself to another place. Despite having his own car, Wyatt sometimes prefers to orb.
The ability to heal any injury. Pandora doesn't have this power yet.
The ability to create and manipulate light.
The ability to sense and locate a person. Pandora doesn't have this power yet.
The ability to scan and absorb the content of books quickly by holding hands over the content.
The ability to change oneself and other appearance to look like someone else.
The ability to rise oneself a few feet in the air. It´s slower than Levitation and the user stays in one place.
The ability to hide oneself or others, preventing others from discovering the location. Pandora hasn't shown this power yet but it´s a power that Whitelighters used on their charges.
The ability to read, speak and understand any language. Whitelighters only use this power to communicate with charges.

Destined One Status

Other Powers

The ability to survive and lethal attacks and be resistant to injuries.


Pandora's biggest fear is spiders, however, she is also afraid of losing her sister and family.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Notes & Trivia

  • Pandora is the only one of her cousins who wasn't named after an ancestor. She was named after Pandora's Box, and received the name Katherine as her middle name. She goes by Pandora or Pan all the time;
    • Growing up without her sisters, made Paige keep her independence and that's why she gave her daughters names that were not in the family tree. Even though she kept the "P" name tradition because she didn't want her daughters to feel apart from her cousins;
    • Pandora and her cousin Prue are the only ones from the Charmed kids that prefer to be called by their first name;
  • The Mitchell kids got their father´s surname. This is because of Paige´s independent side too;
  • She´s a Taurus;
  • Pandora seems to be responsible, but the thing is she´s the trouble maker out of her siblings. She uses magic to solve every problem;
  • Both Tamora and Pandora personality is a combination of their mother personality;
  • Pandora had her Molecular Deceleration power being bond when child. She got it back, but doesn´t use it a lot;
  • By the time Tamora and Pandora were born, Prue and Melinda were already meant to become the next generation of Charmed Ones. Since the Charmed Ones are intended to be a trio, Tamora received the Charmed One status because she was born 10 minutes earlier than her twin sister. Surprisingly enough, Pandora feels lucky that her sister got this status instead of her. This might be because she feels more connected to her Whitelighter side;
  • Pandora doesn't run away from a demon fight, but she´s more the angel kind;
  • Despite being close, Pandora and her twin fight a lot;
  • Out of the Charmed progeny, Pandora is the sixth oldest;
  • Pandora shares some traits of personality with her mother;
    • She tries to be independent from her sister like her mother once did;
    • She also has an inherent need and ability to help others, which led her to wanting to become a social worker just like her mother;
  • Pandora didn't went through a rebellious stage like her sister and mother did;
  • Her Molecular Deceleration power is a weaker form of her aunt Piper´s power of Molecular Immobilization. One of her ancestors, P. Baxter (Penny Halliwell´s mother) possessed this power;
  • The fact that Tamora is a blonde and Pandora is a brunette is based on the creator´s personal story. Both sisters were born with auburn hair color, however, their hair color darkened over the years to a dark auburn;