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Prue Halliwell

Destined One / Charmed One / Twice-Blessed

Prue Official Destined
Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Prue Brianna Johnna Halliwell
Born: February 2nd, 2007
Gender: Female
Species: Cupid-Witch
Marital: Married to Wyatt Halliwell
Occupation: P3 Owner / Manager
Height: 5' 4" (1,63 m)
Hair color: Natural Brown (with blonde highlights occasionally)
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Best Friends:
Magic and Powers
Basic Powers:
Active Powers:
Inactive Powers:
  • Drowning (overcame)
  • Being/Turning Dark
  • Hurting her unborn child
  • Good
Portrayed by: Sophia Bush

Bailee Madison (teenager)

Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
First seen: 1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes...Again...Again
Last seen: N/A

Prue Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Destined belong to Sol.
"I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion."
Prue to Raina in The Heart Brings You Back.

Prue Halliwell is the main female protagonist of Destined. She is the first born child to Phoebe Halliwell and Coop and eldest sister to Charlotte and Cassandra Halliwell. Out of the Charmed Ones´ Children, Prue is the third oldest. She, as well as her sisters, are cupid-witch hybrids, having inherited magical genes from both her mother and father. Prue was born in the Halliwell Manor on a day without magic, exactly four years after her cousin Wyatt, making both of them Twice Blessed Witches.

She is master of Hadhafang, a sword that belonged to the Elven princess Idril and Arwen. She was named Prudence Brianna Johnna Halliwell in honor to her aunt Prue Halliwell, one of her ancestors, and Johnna in honor to Penny Halliwell´s maiden name. Since the day she was born, Prue was also destined to become a Charmed One and a Destined One. She was born with the powers of Premonition, Telekinesis and numerous cupid´s powers. She and her family used to live in Phoebe´s condo, but soon after her younger sister was born, they moved out to 1327 Prescott Street where she lived until she left and moved out to the condo they used to live in.

Prue is best friends with Melinda, Chris, Tamora and Ella Marie Davies. She's the former lover with Eric Sullivan, who has become her friend after he returned to town, and with Jackson White. She is now married to Wyatt Halliwell her cousin, who she actually had loved for her entire life. Although their relationship went through some issues, they overcome it and managed to get back together.

Prue also found out that she and Wyatt had many past lives together being one of them Allen Halliwell´s parents, Isabelle and William Halliwell. Prue was the only owner and manager of P3 since she opened until she found out Wyatt gave part of the money to buy the club. She asked him to be copartners with her. Now both are the owners of P3, but Prue is the big boss.

In Season 1, Prue had to deal with new and old demons showing up. This helped her prove she is one of the most powerful witches walking on Earth´s face and one of the most powerful witches in the family. She also had to struggle with the beginning of her relationship with Wyatt and the end of it. But she also found out that it was not worth fighting against her feelings for Wyatt because nothing she could do would make her stop loving him once he is her true love.

Prue is described as a great and powerful witch. She´s very stubborn and it´s not easy to get into her head. Independent, sarcastic and bossy. She is said to be the best on writing spells. Her weaknesses are her family and Wyatt, but they are also her strength once she would anything she can to protect them, including making deals with demons. She is vain as she thinks demons should fear the simple mention of her name.

In Season 2 (specifically The Witches Game) Prue becomes a Shadow Witch, along with the other Charmed Ones. After a long struggle, they destroy their necklaces and are no longer a Shadow Witch (The Heart Brings You Back). Prue sometimes misses the powers the control she did while she was a Shadow Witch, but in the end, she knows that the Shadow's are wrong and that she shouldn't return to them.

In Season 3 Prue deals with the aftermath of the Shadow Witches, repairing her relationship with Wyatt, and defeating the Darkness. While trying to fight Barbas, Wyatt, her husband, dies after falling victim to fear. This leaves Prue shattered and heartbroken, as well as a widow. Wyatt was believed to be dead, but it was revealed that he isn't. However, Prue didn't know this until weeks later. After being reunited, the pair returned home to the Halliwell Manor where they planned to start a family.

Two years later, in Season 4, Prue discovered that she was pregnant with her and Wyatt's first child.

Prue is a member of the Halliwell and Warren Family.


Triqueta2This section discusses the most significant events in the life of Prue Halliwell.Triqueta2



Prue at 7.

Prue was born on February 02, 2007 in San Francisco, California to Phoebe Halliwell and Coop, a Witch and a Cupid respectively. She is the daughter Phoebe had foreseen and the eldest of the female Destined Ones. She shares along with Wyatt the Twice Blessed Children status, making her almost as powerful as Wyatt.

When she was a baby, she got sick and was healed by Wyatt who was no more than five years old. Phoebe left the baby alone and wanted to ask Paige to heal Prue, but when she came back to her daughter she realized Prue had been healed by Wyatt.

Ever since she was a little girl everybody compared her with her Aunt Prudence. She likes it but knows that she is a different Prue Halliwell and never tried to be like her aunt. She´s naturally like her aunt and there´s nothing she can´t do to change it.

Liv07 b

Prue and Charlotte with Mommy Phoebe.

At age 8, Prue was visited by her future self along with her cousins Wyatt and Chris´ future self when they were trying to stop Phoebe from being killed by a demon.

Like her cousins and sisters, Prue had a normal childhood. Soon she wanted to fight demons and always wanted to go with Wyatt and Chris on a hunting trip. When she was still a little girl, Prue, Wyatt, and Chris created the Power of Nine Spell and along with their cousins and siblings they vanquished a doll. That was the first time they all combined their powers together.

Prue at 14

Prue as a teenager.

At age 14, Prue kissed someone for the first time. Prue had asked Wyatt to be the one who kisses her for the first time because she wanted to know how was to kiss someone and she wanted to do it with someone she really trusted.

She was very popular in high school and was the leader of the Halliwell coven. That was the name her colleagues gave to her group which was formed by her, Melinda, Tamora, and Pandora. Prue was also a cheerleader. She had nothing to do with the common cheerleader but wanted to experience that and in her senior year became the leader of the group.

Prue and Eric when they were dating

Prue and Eric when they were a couple.

During her senior year at High School, Prue met Eric when he was having dinner with his parents. She asked him to be his date for homecoming. Soon after, Eric asked her to formalize their relationship. They were together for almost three years, but the relationship ended when Eric was offered a job in Germany. He never got to know that Prue was a magical being until he returned to town in 2030.

She went to college to study Supervision and Management. And right after finishing college, Prue opened P3. It was the dream of her life. She finally got to open P3 after Wyatt made a deal with the seller so Prue could buy the club for a better price. She never found out about the deal until two years after.

Throughout Destined Series


Prue is always protective when it comes to her family and those that she cares about. She is constantly compared to her Aunt Prue by those around her, as they share many of the same personality traits. They are both protective, stubborn, powerful, bossy at times, and outspoken. Despite her comparisons to her Aunt, she also takes some characteristics from her mother, Phoebe, and her other Aunt's, Piper, and Paige. She is passionate and funny like Phoebe, sarcastic and strong-willed like Piper, and spunky and sassy like Paige.

Prue is also protective, quick-thinking, responsible, independent, and devoted to her family. She can also be incredibly bossy and stubborn, holding herself to a high standard, and endlessly resilient. Despite this, she´s also sweet, sarcastic, humorous, and a relentless demon-hunter. Prue, like Wyatt, feels that she has a heavy responsibility to protect her family. She can be very intimidating, and her strong temper often scares anyone who crosses her path. Prue uses sarcasm almost all of the time and is proud of her sarcastic wit. While doesn't change her mind easily, when she does, she´s not afraid to admit that she was wrong.

She doesn't trust easily, which is shown when Bianca Wright and Chris originally started dating. She had a bad feeling about Bianca and wasn't afraid to speak her mind and prove a point. This leads her to show a sight obsessive behavior mixed with raw concern for her cousin. She was relentless in proving herself right, as she wanted to protect her cousin. She ignored her families warnings to stay out of their relationship. She was later proven wrong - which she admitted to being - when Bianca saved her family, and the two are even now friends.

Like her mother, she has a creative mind and a very good memory. She is able to write and come up with spells very fast, a trait that she inherited from her mother and Aunt. During her pregnancy, Prue experiences mild mood swings but does relax more then she used to. Instead of fighting demons despite warnings about her health, she relaxes and puts the health and safety of her unborn baby above her own. While she originally had an inferiority complex towards her unborn child, she later grew to accept the baby's raw power and use it to help her family.

Evil Prue

Evil prue

Evil Prue smiling.

When Prue turns Evil, she becomes a darker and much sinister version of herself. So much so, that her family refers to her as, "Evil Prue" as she becomes such a different person when she is "regular Prue". While evil, she is blunt and brutally honest, often saying whatever she has to in order to get her way. She also becomes obsessive on turning Wyatt evil as well, which has become a very evident pattern.

When she is evil, she still cares about her family and friends but focuses on the negative parts of life such as betrayal, lies, and heartbreak. Her pain over the negative things causes her to feel resentful and frustrated, and she tends to act out in unexpected ways.

Under the influence of Darkness

"No. That's dark Prue. Evil Prue cared. This one is cold."
Chris about Prue's persona.

While under the influence of Darkness in Season Three, Prue becomes cold and emotionless, almost callous. She doesn't care who sees her doing what. As well as losing her light, she's lost her modesty. She doesn't care about the rules. She doesn't hesitate to use her powers for evil, such as turning Mr. Shawn into an ice statue which ultimately killed him. Despite being under the influence of Darkness, Prue still has parts of her personality - she is sassy, funny, flirty, and openly speaks her mind. However, at the same moment that she is showing a positive trait, she will become cold and doesn't care what she does or who she does it too.

Love Life

Professional Life


Prue owns the P3

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Management, Prue decided it was about time to re-open the P3, her Aunt Piper old club. She bought it from the seller and re-opened it. She´s the manager and works hard to make P3 one of the best nightclubs in town. After P3 burned down, she originally didn't have any desire to reopen the club. However, she eventually decided to reopen it with the help of her husband, Wyatt. During her pregnancy, she was forced to focus on her unborn child and allow those around her to help her with the club.

Physical Appearance


Prue´s long dark hair in one of the first episodes.

Prue greatly resembles her Aunt Prudence in her physical appearance, with the only difference being that Prue´s eye color is hazel, while her Aunts is blue. At the beginning of Season 1, Prue has a long dark brown hair that goes past her shoulders, but throughout the course of the season, she switches to brown hair with blonde highlights throughout it.
Sophia Bush 59

Prue wears simple make up on a day-to-day basis.

Prue loves to wear makeup as well, and normally uses makeup as her main accessory instead of excess jewelry. On a day-to-day basis, she tries to keep her colors simple, choosing nude colors and matching it with red or pink lipstick. For parties, events, or even while working nights at P3, she prefers darker tones that match her clothes. She also loves to wear eyeliner in a way that gives her a feline look and isn't afraid to wear it at all times.

Prue´s clothing style can be described as a classy-sexy, with professional tones. On a regular day, her outfits are casual or casual chic, with several pieces accenting her mood. She is often seen in jeans and a nice blouse, although she can be seen wearing dresses or skirts. While working at P3, she wears revealing or sexy pieces, such as a plunging neckline or shorter skirts with heels. Prue will often wear elegant clothing as well, especially when she goes out for dinner or to a family function. No matter her outfit, Prue can normally be seen wearing high-heels or combat boots.

When Prue traveled to the future, she saw herself with a number of different hairstyles. The most notable being blonde hair that was cut short, which her family remarked on for being different and looking nice. Her future-self also wore clothing that was freer or had flowing fabric.

Name´s Meaning

Prue was named after her Aunt Prue and Brianna Warren and Johnna in honor to her great-grandmother Penny Halliwell´s maiden name, Johnson.

Prudence is of Latin origin and means Caution and Discretion. A very common name in the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries.

Brianna is of Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic origin and means High, Noble, and Exalted. Found occasionally in England since the 16th century.

Prue name

Johnna is of Hebrew origin and means God is gracious.

Halliwell is of Old English origin that means Lives by the holy spring.


Basic Powers

One of the four basic powers is the ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
One of the four basic powers is the ability to brew potions containing magical properties.
One of the four basic powers is the ability to locate a person or object by using a crystal, a map and a something it requires the use of other tools.
One of the four basic powers, is the ability to see and commune with spirits of the dead.

Active Powers

The ability to move objects or people with the mind. Prue channels this power through his hands and sometimes through his eyes. She has this power since before she was born.
An advanced form of Telekinesis. The user of this power can move multiple and heavy objects at the same time and over great distances.
The ability to create a force around an object or power, squashing it as a result.
A variation of the power of Telekinesis. It is a combination of Telekinesis and Beaming, where the object or person is moving in space through the use of pink bubbles. Prue is new using this power and is the only known being to possess it.
The ability to beam something or someone without orbing oneself.
The teleportation power used by Cupids and Witch-Cupids. Allows the user to teleport one's self to another place. Prue has a car and she prefers to use her beaming power when it comes to magical situations.
The ability to make molecules speed up to the point that causes an explosion only when moved. It is a variation of the powers of Telekinesis and Molecular Combustion. Prue is only capable of using it when she moves an object or a being. When she moves the being or object it blows up upon impact to something else. Prue received this power in the first episode and is able to control it quickly.
The ability to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. Prue has premonitions when touching an object. Phoebe got a premonition in the very first moment she holds her daughter for the first time. It was probably and shared premonition between both. Sometimes Prue feels what others and herself are feeling in her visions
The ability to share visions with other psychics by holding hands, palm to palm. This is probably what happened the very first time Phoebe hold her daughter in her arms.
It is a combination of the powers of Premonition and Astral Projection and it´s the ability to project one´s consciousness into a future event allowing the user to experience a premonition first-hand. Prue will probably develop this power to be able to project herself into the past. Future power
The ability to generate and manipulate ice and cold. Prue activates this power by bringing her palm to her mouth and blowing on it, creating a block of powdery ice that can easily extinguish fires and freeze objects or beings within a moment. Prue's powers grew to where she just touches something and it freezes, and at first, this power was very out of control. She has since learned to control it but is still getting the hang of it.
The ability to feel and understand other´s people feelings and emotions. Prue has full control over this power. She´s able to feel what her family members feel and still have control over it. It is unknown if Prue got this power from her mother or father or even both.
The ability to redirect or use another person´s power/spell once they are activated. It is an extension of her Empathy power. Prue doesn´t use it too much.
This ability is centered around guiding mortals and healing emotional wounds. Someone who practices this can ease human suffering by using their intimate knowledge of what the other person is feeling or has gone through and then offering them advice and comfort.
Allows the user to manipulate reality. It allows her to use some other powers by projecting what she wants. However, her projection power is not as strong as Wyatt´s.
The ability to manipulates one´s voice. Prue uses it to raise her voice.
The ability to materialize objects and beings at will. Prue channels this power through both mind and hands.
The ability to create and/or manipulate the air. Future power
The ability to create and/or manipulate fire. Prue receives this power in its advanced form, Fire Throwing.
The powerful and deadly ability to project jets of flame from the hands, capable of completely immolating even high-level demons.

Ring´s Powers

Cupid-witches don´t need a ring to use powers as Empathy or Beaming, but the following ones can only be used by the ones who possess a ring.
Prue´s cupid ring2

Prue´s Cupid Ring

The ability to sense mortal charges and any other magical beings anywhere in the world. Using the ring, a Cupid or Witch-Cupid can also sense where a person displaced in time belongs, even if they didn´t displace them and can return them there. Prue uses this power on her charges and sometimes on her family.
The ability to project images from one´s mind into reality. Holograms are projected light and energy based images of all shapes and sizes for a variety of effects and reasons. Prue hasn´t shown this power yet.
The ability to implant thoughts in a charge´s mind. They can suggest to their charges, telepathically, to take a chance on love. Prue succeeded when she tried to make her charges Iris and Dany give a change to one another.
Prue´s cupid ring pink flash emitted from the stone

Flash of pink emitted from the stone

The ability to travel in time to teach lessons to an unwilling person. Cupids are not allowed to change the past, but Prue did it when she used this power to prevent her mother was killed by a demon. This power allowed her to travel to the future as well.
The ability to slow down or completely stop the flow of time. Cupids use this power to slow down time and implant thoughts to charges.
The ability to read, speak and understand any language. Whitelighters only use this power to communicate with charges.
Cupids possess a limited form of this power. Prue possesses this power in a witch form, but with the cupid ring, she´s able to use some other powers. However, she hasn´t performed any of the following powers yet it is known that she has them.
Cupids use an energy field to bring energy's that are blocking their charges heart to the surface.
The ability to transport another living being across any distance and place that living being in another´s person mind.
The ability to absorb the soul of the dead. Cupids use it to transport the soul of dead children to Cupid´s Temple.
The ability to detect fated love. Cupids use it to match people who are destined to be in love.

Twice Blessed Status

Twice Blessed Prophecy

"When three planets burn as one over a sky of dancing light, and magic will rest for a holy day to welcome a twice blessed child."
Apothecary says the prophecy for the first time
"They will think is all done, but the planets again will burn as one over a sky of dancing lights and magic will rest again until a second twice blessed child joins its mate on a holy Wiccan day."
The Apprentice completed her father´s prophecy

Wyatt and Prue´s birth were predicted six centuries before their birth for an old Apothecary and his daughter and Apprentice. When the Apothecary was trapping Doom in a wall, he had a vision where he saw a twice blessed child. His daughter was unaware of what was happening and took his father´s hand. By doing it, she intercepted the second part of the prophecy where she saw a second twice-blessed child. 

The Apothecary and his daughter never revealed this prophecy to anyone. The Apothecary was buried with the part of the prophecy he saw while his daughter kept the second part with her afraid of evil finding out about it because she saw that what could happen to the world if the children were raised by evil.

When the Apprentice was old enough she went to the Elders and asked them to protect the entire prophecy. The powerful wizard Merril unearthed the quatrain describing the first part of the prophecy.

Merril was Cronyn´s mentor and knowing that the child would be born when magic rested on a holy Wiccan day planned to get the child, with Doris´ help, and raise the child as evil.

As the prophecy says, Prue was born on the Wiccan Sabbath Imbolc which fell on the same day as the Aurora Borealis. Despite this is an unusual phenomenon, this happened twice in a four years time.

While demons tried hard to get Wyatt the same didn´t happen to Prue, as evil knew nothing about a second twice blessed child and even if they knew they had not enough powers to try to attack the Charmed Ones and get the child.

Being Twice Blessed makes Wyatt and Prue extremely powerful. Being Twice Blessed means being the first born child of a Charmed One and a powerful agent of good or evil. Wyatt and Prue are both first-born children of a Charmed One and an agent of good. Wyatt son o Piper and Leo (a whitelighter) and Phoebe and Coop (a cupid).



HADHAFANG, Prue´s sword

Hadhafang (HATH-uh-fang) is the name of the sword of the elf maiden Arwen in the Lord of the Ring series.

According to the Elder Fiona, the Lord of the Ring tales really happened. Prue Halliwell is the rightful owner of that powerful sword. Prue wasn´t aware of that until she needed it to destroy the powerful demon Doom in episode 1x06 Born Under a Twice Blessed Sign. So she and Wyatt (Master of Excalibur) would be able to destroy Doom.

Prue received the sword soon after her birth. Fiona headed to the Halliwell Manor on the night Prue was born to hand the sword to Phoebe. Phoebe said that as soon as Prue landed eyes on that sword, it moved straight away to Phoebe´s hands. The Elders kept the sword safe. The day Prue was born, the sword itself did some kind of sign and the Elders knew its new owner was arriving. Prue didn´t believe when Fiona told her which sword was. Prue is passionate for the Lord of the Ring tale and read all the books. Prue summoned the sword and was able to use it perfectly.

Charmed One Status

Prue, as well as Melinda and Tamora, is one of the new Charmed Ones. On the day Prue was born, the Elder announced that she got that right because she was the first born witch of the new generation. They said that from then on, in every generation there will be a new set of Charmed Ones.

Destined One Status

Prue and her cousins and siblings were destined to follow her mother steps. When Prue was little, Prue, her cousins, and siblings created the Power of Nine Spell. All nine together vanquished a "demon" that was actually a doll. They are known as the Destined Ones to the Magical Community.

Other Powers

The ability to survive and lethal attacks and be resistant to injuries.
The ability to heal and regenerate oneself´s bodily tissue and organs damaged as a result of an injury. It´s automatic and is usually completed within seconds. Is the cupid´s version of self-healing. Prue doesn´t possess this power yet, as she needs a whitelighter to heal her injuries. She might get it sometime in the future.


  • Drowning: After being trapped in the Halliwell Manor with the rest of her family, Prue is forced to confront this fear. She is able to overcome it, and is no longer afraid of water or drowning in it.
  • Being and Turning Dark: Current fear.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Notes & Trivia

  • Prue was named after her Aunt Prudence, and her ancestor, Brianna Warren. She also was named Johnna in honor of Penny Halliwell's maiden name.
  • The day Prue was born, Phoebe had a Premonition of both the past and the future. She saw her sister, Prudence and also Brianna Warren in the past, and her daughter in the future.
  • Prue is the only member of the second-generation to possess four names;
  • Prue shares many similarities in appearance, powers, and personality with her aunt, Prudence Halliwell.
    • Both have dark hair and hazel-green eyes.
    • Both have the power of Telekinesis and Astral Projection.
    • Both are considered extremely powerful witches.
    • Both were cheerleaders in high school, business-like, stubborn and care greatly for their family's well-being. Both are responsible, independent and very stubborn.
    • Prue also shares some of these personality traits with her cousin, Chris;
  • Even though she shares so many personality traits with her aunt Prudence, it is notorious that she took a little bit from her mother, Piper, and her aunt Paige'ss personalities: funny and wildly sexy like her mother, Phoebe; sarcastic and witty like her aunt Piper; sassy like her aunt Paige;
  • She has many parallels to her mother, Phoebe;
    • Both have powers rooted in psychic energy.
    • Both have had romances that other thought were impractical or, "forbidden". Phoebe with Cole Turner and Prue with her cousin, Wyatt Halliwell.
    • Both have had flings with demons - Phoebe with Cole and several other demons, and Prue with Conrad (even though she did not reciprocate his feelings) and Gadreel. Additionally, both have had romantic involvements with a Turner
    • Both saw their possible future daughters in visions.
  • Phoebe calls Prue, Little Ladybug;
  • Prue was born on the same date as Wyatt, but 4 years later.
  • Both Wyatt and Prue are Twice Blessed Children, which makes them more powerful than their siblings and cousins;
  • Out of all the original Charmed Ones' daughters, Prue is the oldest. She was supposed to be born after Melinda, however, her she was born prematurely. Her now husband, Wyatt, was also born prematurely;
  • Her zodiac sign is an Aquarius;
  • Ever since they were little, Wyatt and Prue have had a special connection;
  • In season 7 of Charmed, when Wyatt told Phoebe she should better keep the imaginary friends work, he was probably talking about Prue. However, this has yet to be confirmed;
  • Prue, along with Wyatt, Charlotte, and Phoebe are the only members of the family to have been born in the Halliwell Manor;
  • Wyatt, Prue, and Charlotte were born at a time where their parents had no magic at all. However, when Charlotte was born, mortal beings had magic;
  • The love relationship between Wyatt and Prue was based on the creator´s paternal grandparents;
  • Prue is not obsessive about demons hunting like her cousin, but enjoys it;
  • "Sorry, I'm late" is the quote she first said in season 1 episode one and used again in episode 16. She uses it a few times during the show;
  • Prue´s relationship with her younger sister Cassandra is a resemblance of Prudence and Phoebe's and later Piper and Paige's relationships; 
  • Prue´s Cupid Ring has a different shape from her father and sister´s ring;
  • Prue has her own sword that is called, Hadhafang;
  • Prue is the only known being to possesses three titles and status. She is a Charmed One, Destined One and Twice Blessed Child;
  • Prue and Melinda´s personality traits are based on the creator´s personality;
  • Whenever Prue dreams or visits the future, she sees three little girls - her daughters;
  • She is the first character in Destined to have an infatuated stalker;
  • Prue reveals to Chris and Melinda that is afraid that she is evil;
  • Her Cryokinesis power starts to grow in Stand by You for the first time since Season One;
  • She is in a class to help her with her need obsessive need to control everything around her. She is also in the class with her husband, Wyatt;
  • Prue becomes a widow after Wyatt is believed to have died in Tell me what's your Fear, I'll tell you how you'll Die;
  • She has the most past lives out of all the females on the show, having a total of six past-lives. These included, Adriel/Isis, Camilla, Guinevere, Princess Tamar, Ruth, and Isabelle Halliwell;
    • In every life, she finds Wyatt and falls in love with him.
    • She is a member of the Halliwell-Warren line in her past lives beginning with Isabelle Halliwell.
    • She was an Angel in her earliest known (and possibly first) life.
  • There is a prophecy that states that Prue and Wyatt will be parents to the next generation of Charmed Ones;
  • She is the second female to give birth in Destined, following her sister-in-law and cousin, Bianca Wright-Halliwell;