In The Devil You (Don´t) Know, It's been two months since the finale of Season One, and Prue has found herself in a blissful state where her relationship with Wyatt is concerned. She still has blonde hair as she has not dyed it back to brown yet. Unbeknownst to her, Wyatt is looking for a proper engagement ring as he isn't satisfied with the one she has now. Prue is confronted by Cole Turner who was sent down by the Elders to help Prue and delivers a message to her and help her a bit. Although Prue is at first reluctant towards Cole, she lets her guard down enough to hear his message to her. The message is that there is a new evil coming and she has to be ready for it. Prue believes in what he is saying, but her sisters don't - this causes a bit of friction between them. However, it is resolved later on in the episode. Prue reveals to her family that she has been trying to find Leah since their last encounter with her. This met with mixed emotions and replies by her family. Before he leaves, Cole tells Prue that she is a lot like her aunt Prudence, but she has her mother's heart. Prue appreciates this compliment. After Cole leaves, Wyatt takes Prue to a magical place where he proposes to her for the second time with the proper engagement ring. An elated Prue says yes once again.
In The Worries of an Angel, Prue is searching the internet and some books for anything that could help her decrypt the message that she received from Cole in the previous episode. She finds nothing that is helpful. grows suspicious of Chris' new girlfriend, Bianca, and takes it upon herself to meet her. Prue's suspicions of Bianca turn out to be well deserved, as Bianca drinks a potion that should have stopped Prue from being able to receive visions about her (Bianca). The effects of the potion prove to not last long, as Prue is able to go on a vision quest with Junior to the alternate reality in which Wyatt is evil. After they return, Prue tells her family about the warning that she received from Cole regarding the new threat that is coming. She struggled with the decision to tell them - especially Wyatt but ends up doing so anyway. When her family asks who is was sent from, Wyatt lies for her and tells them that Prue doesn't know. Also, Prue and Wyatt agree that they should hold off on the wedding until after this new threat is found and vanquished. They agree on this. Note: Throughout the episode, their families ask about the wedding date. They dodge the question.
In No Rest For The Phoenix, Prue's suspicious of Bianca grow increasingly more center, and she doesn't trust the witch. Elsewhere, Prue and Wyatt have a very strange, and very magical experience.