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Season Three
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Season information
No. of Episodes: 22
Originally Aired: September 28th, 2014 - May 17th, 2015
Premiere: Like a Phoenix, I Rise
Finale: Life Goes On
Written by: Sol
Season chronology
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The Third Season of Destined is set from 2032 to 2033. It has a total of 22 episodes. Destined is a spin-off created by Sol based on WB hit series Charmed created by Constance M. Burge.


WHAT WE'VE BECOME -- After a twisted turn of events left Cassandra to make the ultimate choice between sisters, she finds herself growing up a lot and maturing in ways that she needed. But while Cassandra is maturing and dealing with her choices in a mature way, Tamora's methods are much for violent, as she has turned to Demon Hunting to cope and try to blow up her problems. Charlotte finds herself becoming a much darker version of herself, Pandora drifts from her life, and Melinda finally finds herself in a good spot.

But recent decisions cause rifts to be caused in even the strongest of relationships - both romantic and familial. Prue and Wyatt's marriage is put to the test, and this fight is something their marriage might not survive. Chris and Bianca are happier than ever, but their happiness may be short-lived when old faces return to haunt them. Junior has gone through a big life change, and he has embraced it with an eagerness that surprises even him.

However, lurking in the shadows and darkest parts of the underworld, a new heavenly evil has a dangerous plan that the Destined Ones might not be ready to face. And in this darker, edgier, and sexier new season of Destined, relationships are put to the test, loyalty's questioned and tested, evil is badder than ever, and the Destined Ones will be in for the fight of their lives. Will they survive? Or will evil finally succeed?

The Scripts

To read Season 3 scripts clink on the link below:


Main Cast

Supporting and Recurring Cast



Book of Shadows in Destined

Magical Beings

  • Phoenix Witches; A coven of deadly assassin witches. They were first introduced in Season 2, but were brought back duing the first half of the season.
  • Jarves; An upper-level demon-humans an who is the half-brother of the demon Belthazor/Cole Turner.
  • Angels; Powerful good beings that protect the earth.
    • High Angels; A group of powerful Angels that are above other beings.
  • Wizards; Mentioned only.
  • Barbas/Demon of Fear; A powerful upper-level demon who controls people's fears.
  • Darkness; a being or essence made of pure darkness and evil.
  • The Red Witch; A powerful witch who has returned to seek revenge.


Notes & Trivia

  • Season 3 of Destined has a total of 22 episodes;
  • There will be Season Four, as confirmed by the Author;
  • There will be a six months time skip between the end of Season 2 and 3x01;
  • A few characters have been promoted to Recurring Characters, some even Supportive;
  • Some characters will not be returning for Season 3;
  • There are numerous new recurring characters that will be introduced through Season 3;
  • Charlotte will be going through something pretty hard this season, and she will take a turn down the darker side;
  • Bianca's past will be investigated more;
  • Chris and Bianca's relationship will take a turn - whether it's for the better or worse is unknown;
  • Pandora's love life will change as well;
  • Prue and Wyatt's relationship goes through a very rough time this season;
    • They separate at the end of As Dark as Jarves.
    • They agree to go to couple counseling together, and there relationship is looking up.
    • They reunite in Darkness is Here.
    • Wyatt dies in Tell me what's your Fear, I'll tell you how you'll Die, separating them once again. However, Wyatt's death is revealed to have been just an illusion, and he was really alive and being held prisoner by Gadreel.
    • Prue starts to move on with Gadreel, and the two become engaged.
    • Prue and Wyatt reunite once more in Fantastic Nine, and talk (presumed jokingly) about starting a family at the end of Life Goes On.
  • There is a new evil that is described as, "the evilest of them all". He is presumed to be the main antagonist for Season 3.
  • Melissa Cooper will play a large role in the first half of Season 3;
  • Many new magical objects will be introduced throughout the season;
  • Angelic-type beings will be introduced and explored;
  • More past lives are revealed this season;
  • There will be three deaths this season;
  • P3 catches fire, which is the first time any significant building has been affected in Destined;
  • There will be a two-year time-skip between Season 3 and Season 4 which makes it the biggest time-skip in both Destined and Charmed -- excluding the flash-forward at the end of Charmed);
  • DVD Cover A was inspired by Season 3 DVD cover of Charmed;